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Bookmyscans.com: The golden healthcare days are not far away!


Becoming obese for a human being is natural but making efforts to become lean is essential for good health. So is the same in any business. Costs of marketing, getting a lead, resources traveling to close the deal, redundant work, an unutilized capacity – all will happen by default and these need to be identified by business heads who needs to make it as lean as possible for a long term sustainability of business and the brand. With an enlarging 4G network, paving way for emerging digital India, with more than 500 million youth having a smart phone in hand – all businesses should fantasize and persuade to make their processes lean to reduce the costs of selling and cost of reaching minimized.

Imagine what differences portals of marriage or job or travel or a call taxi; for that matter today’s Snapdeal or Flickr or Amazon are doing to our youth (and old)? In an emerging market, with every year millions of youth entering to adulthood, what people did in 1970 to 2000 would be “unbelievable” for those who are in their 20’s. I remember in 1977, the 21 long hours of standing in the queue that I did to get a ticket on the 10th day of the movie, in Coimbatore, when the first movie of Rajnikant, Kamal Hassan and Sridevi hit the screen! Ticket in the counter was 20 paise, and from touts it was Rs. 100. Today ‘my son’ gets a ticket using bookmyshow.com and decides my seat on an android for a movie in which ‘Rajinikant’s son-in-law’ and “Kamalhassan’s daughter” are acting, while we were in a car driving towards the mall! Like all such fields, even healthcare would be different if it explores digital strengths. With 60,000 laboratories in the country, 100 PET-CTs, 5000 MRIs and 8000 CT centers, I clearly see a makemytrip.com and bookmyshow.com kind of revolution in next 5 years to come. I wrote about “Operation Jonk” last month which explains the evil of “Cuts and Commissions” (by the way, all centers found to have got involved in commission system by that sting operation are derecognized for CGHS). Let those who need cuts learn lessons in long run, but we still need to help out those 60 plus % of honest doctors to help their patients to identify “Lean” diagnostic centers for their needs.

Imagine a www.bookmyscans.com, which connects all honest diagnostic centers digitally to common man so that their services can be experienced by the one in need for all their diagnostic tests that costs more than Rs. 500, that too without taking any cuts or commissions either from a diagnostic center or from the patient! Also imagine a PET-CT available for Rs. 9999 and a 1.5 Tesla MRI for just Rs. 3999 and a 16-Slice CT for just Rs. 1499. Once it comes to digital, it becomes “Trusted, Truthful, Transparent” and the service providers would lower their rates some more to get an additional patient, if their machines do not have enough scans for the day. They would also declare like in a “hotel reservation page” what is included and what is not.

More than anything else, a review – on their experiences “Good or Bad” is possible and it makes the system clean, just, democratic as well as “Rational”. What does bookmyscan bring to the industry?

  1. Lean costs for scans.
  2. No uncertainty of costs.
  3. More confidence on costs of Tesla.
  4. More options to choose without pressures.
  5. More scans for patients to make better diagnosis.
  6. More scans per machine per day.
  7. More machines per center to meet the demand.
  8. More entrepreneurs per city getting into diagnostic business.
  9. Industry becoming organized.
  10. Healthy healthcare industry.

More than anything else, it would give a better outcome for the society than what Medical Services Amendment Bills dated August 8, 2014 can bring in. Rates should not be decided by diagnostic centers or patients or doctors or even government – it should be optimized by demand and supply by an Intelligent, Transparent, Empowered, Informed and Matured Market.

Ache Dhin Aanewale hai! Mr. Modi said it often. It is a positive thinking and hopes of the 8 billion human on this earth since healthcare industry (which is said to be the most corrupt as of today) is going to be single largest industry in the world from 2030 onwards. Await a www.bookmyscans.com kind of diagnostic portal which does not demand money while booking or at any point of time and wins the trust of the common man. You may wonder what revenue is there for it if it does not demand booking money. I do not think Hotmail or Facebook or WhatsApp demanded any money from consumers or users (19 billion USD is what was paid to WhatsApp when it was acquired by Facebook). I keep telling money is a commodity which goes to those who do not demand it and avoids those who shamelessly chase it. In business, the one who wants to lose would get a lot of wealth and those who are scared of loss would certainly lose even their existing wealth. When in doubt, let us trust for all our needs “a click of a mouse or touch of an Android” – I am sure that both health and wealth would improve for next generation.

The golden healthcare days are not far away!

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