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Nueclear: Low volume – high value in-vivo diagnostics

We all claim and continue to assert that “Human is Creative”. Just because we human beings possess the skill and intelligence to communicate, listen and decipher whereas other species cannot, we identify ourselves as “Creators”. Realistically, we should not consider ourselves as “Creators” but more practically as – coordinators, managers and consumers. Look at the universe and life around us! Every element present invariably is constituted of the same three fundamental particles proton, neutron and electrons. It is the permutation and combination of these three atomic species that has given birth to the known 120 plus elements, with each bearing distinct physical and chemical properties. The fact that electrons of the elements was possible to be shared, donated or accepted, a chemical bond between elements became achievable and thereby made feasible, formation and existence of millions of molecules. These essential molecules of and for sustaining life are present in variety of forms, places and species-may it be- earth’s crust, land, water, soil, minerals, vegetables, animals and human being. If one looks at the history of evolution, mankind came much later. Just because no other species can object nor contest this claim, we humans continue to declare that we are the creators.

Man indeed is intelligent! He has understood how all of these have originated, where they are, what they can do, what are his own needs, how to meet these needs, how to put things together, how to fuse technologies together and finally make things to work – to generate the products, services and solutions that keep the human being – fed, clothed, educated, entertained, empowered – enabling an enhanced quality of life and an extended lifespan.

Coming back to the question again- are we really creators? With the realism that we often are shrewd, at times crude, intelligent manipulators of putting together the understood resources (which are not understood by competitors) to make solutions that are pure business or business that offers some solutions to the unmet needs or under-met demands of the human beings, I strongly desire that it is time we as human beings give up this claim. When we succeed in such large scale manipulations, it gives rise to most profitable industries, most appealing balance sheets and the most admired companies for investors.

You must be wondering what has made me suddenly discuss about something which generally only philosophers talk. I sense I am beginning to understand the philosophy of diagnostic industry well. In the last 16 years of my journey in the in-vitro diagnostics, I have understood – all cost heads – starting right from the research table to the final laboratory test report in a patient hand. Compulsions, greed, opportunity for investors, vendors, distributors and laboratories, volume driven benefits to balance sheet, quality and cost, have been fairly well understood when I run today a company that charges least from the patient – in the entire world – but has the most enviable balance sheet for investors. Focus raises volumes and volumes get profitability – this is true in any field and there are hundreds of successful companies in the world.

Having done it successfully well in mid volume-mid value in-vitro testing, I am tempted to venture into low volume – high value in-vivo diagnostics, with a primary focus on Nuclear Medicine. In the last 16 months (ever since this bug has bit me) I have interviewed, interacted, debated, deliberated and bargained extensively with investors, vendors and stake holders in the space “Nuclear”. I am in no way creating anything new except that I am daring and raring to put things together. Manipulation – I may also call it as – Moneypulation – where “Money” of the investors would be infused for the benefit of the “Population” at large and Cancer patients in particular. There are investors who have too much money. Vendors have enough machines and solutions. Nuclear Medicine Consultants too are eager to take off. Indian population is in need of healthcare solutions at affordable costs. I foresee a clear and affordable solution for Indian middle class for their Healthcare needs. By 2020, I also anticipate that the cost of CT, MRI and PET scans would be half of what they are presently.

This clarity of the in-vivo concept made me sign in Winter 2011, a 1000 Crore deal with GE – the leaders in Molecular Imaging (a press release is given in this HS). We expect to change the way in which Nuclear Medicine or Molecular Imaging or higher end imaging is done in the country. Now, as a doctor or a hospital or a diagnostic centre –  do not look for money to buy any gadget that costs more than 2 Crores. Just visit www.nueclear.com to understand the mission and vision of “Nueclear” and partner to gallop ahead for the entire decade in diagnostics.

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