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Polish your Attributes!

Dear Friends,

Understanding the HR capabilities is a challenge for all Employers. Also understanding what the company needs is a challenge for all the employees. I will give a simple way of analysing the above two things. Man has many attributes and let us first see what all he can do:

Think   – Think different to make execution of challenges error free and stress free.

Teach   – Teach on a subject, with clarity in English and emotions in words.

Work   – Physical work – Coding or pasting or testing – and pursue till it is completed.

Write  – Write on paper, stories about test or technologies or companies or concepts   or personalities.

Walk   Walk hours and kilometers – to meet people who need our services.

Analyze – Analyse a situation or mail or a file or an excel data – to explain blocks, bottle- necks, needs and can diagnose failures and success.

Compile – Compiling the needed, relevant and crisp data for studying about success    or failures or projects or purchase or complaints.

Watch Watching what or why or how – people or process or machines – function   and suggest ways of improving them for better productivity.

Listen  Listen patiently for 500 secs to know which 10 secs are communicating the exact problem and solve or pacify or explain for distress or complain.

Lead    Lead a given team for a given task with clarity on what is needed and within the given time frame.

Follow – Follow the team leader without questioning, obediently, disciplined with an objective to end the task with more contribution than the peers in the team.

Speak  Speak confidently with limited knowledge, with clarity to a visitor or stranger or vendor- where  you  sound  like  you  only  created  the  entire organisation.

Thus there are dozen things an employee can do. But one can do 1 or 2 or 3 only. Also an organisation needs all the dozen things but not all the 12 from the same man.

You could study or assess or analyse your strengths. Or discuss with your friends or superiors. Are you doing what you are capable of or good at or enjoy with? Think.

Who knows you may be Mr Chetan Bhagat if you can write or may become Mr. Shiv Khera if you can teach.

“Keep thinking till you grow better than your peers.”

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