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Thank you

Sweet Heart,

We did live together for a billion seconds happily. We must be one among the millions if we scale our happiness. I tried to make a list of things that you sacrificed for me, our children, your family, my family, our company, our staff, our franchisees, our vendors, our investors, our friends – the list is too long. Also, you did all of them without expecting back anything. You are one among the rare who considered that there is no world of your own, other than that of the spouse. You were an unending stamina pack, kept flying like a honey bee from floor to floor, building to building, table to table – touching thousands of people in and around Thyrocare with your smiles, files and mails. You did not consume even a 0.1% of wealth and 1% of my time from what you were entitled to. Though on our marriage day, I promised in front of your parents and hundreds of relatives that “we will share equally pains and pleasures”, you with such a broad mind, took vast majority of pains and literally none of the pleasures that we came across. You are the queen bee for Thyrocare still. Be around in floors and rooms, wish and bless hundreds of your children to enjoy their life in and around Thyrocare.

Always yours,



This is about Mrs. Sumathi Velumani. I lost her in Feb. 2016. I wanted to write about her in one of the Healthscreen, but I was not knowing how to start, write and end about such a “Noble Lady”. I, a village born boy, married her, a Mumbai born girl, in 1986, reluctantly. She worked for SBI, while I worked for BARC. We both quit together to start Thyrocare, when our children were of age 5 and 3. If today Thyrocare is a most intelligent laboratory concept in the entire world, for this child, I just gave the sperm and she mothered it – with all that a mother does for a child. Happy Life, Happy children, Happy company, Happy employees, Happy franchisees and our Happy investors and vendors – all enjoyed her warmth, love and affection only till 13.02.2016. She was diagnosed to have a pancreatic cancer on October 2nd, 2015. It just gave her less than 5 months. All the drama and turmoil between Oct. 2015 and Feb. 2016, if I write as a book, it would run into 300 pages, which will expose a lot in our medical oncology – innocence, complacence, arrogance, fallacies, greed, lies, politics, economy, claims, costs, frauds, failures, etc. I hope I would one day have time to write that book. All what I can say is she came up to my working table, while she was leaving for the surgery, and waited for 30 secs for me to take off my eyes from a file I was perusing, she looked at me, smiled and said a “bye”, I said – “Take care”- without knowing that it was her last “Bye”. She walked into a leading hospital in Bombay for a ‘whipple surgery’ and what I got back was only her body. Thyrocare was collapsed literally, but for only one day, that was Sunday 14th Feb to salute that ‘Mother’ of Thyrocare. But we all know, the mission is much bigger than the creators, and in this last 2 quarters we have done much better business than any time in the past. She taught us how to enjoy pains and frugality. We are now masters in that and we started enjoying both pains and frugality on our own, to give Thyrocare the ultimate position and height it deserves.

I wish to thank all those who stood with me, with us, for the last 6 months, at our worst time of grief. Indebted.

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  1. Loving someone with all your heart is losing your mind a little. We all have to follow our hearts blindly and we all have to walk through the fire no matter how bad it gets. That is how you will find the things you need to believe again. That is how you will find your way back home..in the arms whom we truly love. Love IT You are fantastisck sir

  2. Vow. Awesome lady. Unfortunate for not able to meet her but fortunate to read it through a masters blog. Salute u Sir n Mam

  3. I am truly sorry for your lost sir. Ma’am would have been proud to read what you wrote for her.

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