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September 9, 2015
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January 19, 2016

I was busy with our laboratory relocation. Not a simple task I must say, hence it did take up a great deal of my time. I hope I have no breaks henceforth. To begin with I wish to share my experience about ‘Human Resources’. I wish to elaborate using a cat and mouse analogy. I see three kinds of cats in the workplace.

Cat number one : Has a good nose and good ears. With the help of both smell and sound the cat gets closer to its target mouse. It relishes its feast, which it obtains through its intelligent handling of the situation. Thus, life is fun for this sensible independent creature.

Cat number two: Nose is dull while Ears are sharp. So, it has to be guided to its target mice and once it gets guidance, the sharp ears track its movement and within minutes, it too has a feast. However, it jumps into action only when guided further. An obedient, capable and semi – dependant cat.

Then, comes the third cat. Neither a sharp nose nor sharp ears. It neither senses any mouse on its own, nor can listen to instructions. It depends on others mercy and enjoys what is provided on a platter or else often goes hungry. Quite incapable of doing anything on its own.

Aren’t you all wondering what’s all this about cats and mice? Well the fact is that even in a workplace one finds different categories of managers, officers and executives, which decides the fate of the company. A company or family or organisation prospers and excels if it has majority of its members like that cat one, survives if majority are like cat two and perishes if the majority are in the last category. Is it God’s lapses to create them without enough senses or is it the parents failure in nurturing those senses or is it their own shortcomings in under-utilising their potential that brings down their rightful dignity? One can only conjecture.

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    3 Cat story is applicable to every one and is true. – See more at:

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  12. Shreya Shukla says:

    Good evening Sir.
    Your observation about people through The Cat Analogy is so true yet inspiring.

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